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People and Planet First

California needs a political revolution. Sacramento is being corrupted by big-money special interests at a time when we need to come together more than ever to resist the Trump administration. But resistance is not enough. We launched this grassroots, people-powered campaign for State Assembly in order to make real and substantive change.

Nearly 3 million Californians don’t have any health insurance, while another 12 million are underinsured. That is morally wrong and has got to change. We need to immediately pass SB 562, the Healthy California Act, which will provide guaranteed single-payer health care for all people in our state.

The average college graduate finishes school with over $20,000 in student debt, an outrageous burden they should never have to bear. We need tuition-free public college so that our young people are prepared to enter the modern economy and we need full funding of our public schools so that all children have the same chance to go to college.

Despite being a world leader on climate change solutions, California is still the nation’s third-largest oil producer, pumping massive amounts of climate-disrupting carbon into our atmosphere. Our 1,100-mile coastline is under threat from sea-level rise and offshore drilling, while our forests and rural communities are imperiled by wildfires. We need to rapidly move towards 100% renewable energy, ban fracking, and actually begin to store carbon back in the soil.

We can do so much better than the status quo. We can have a fair economy, where working people can take care of themselves and their families while also participating in their communities. We can have a vibrant democracy, where everyone has an equal voice. We can have a society where all people are treated with the dignity and respect they deserve as human beings.

All of this is possible if we come together to make our voices heard. The people of Marin and Sonoma deserve a state representative who works for We the People. We deserve representation that reflects our progressive values. We invite you to join us and support Dan Monte for California Assembly.

Vote November 6. Click here to get involved.

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Progressive Democrats of America - California
Health Care for All - Marin
STAND with Ross Valley Schools
Coalition for Grassroots Progress
Petaluma Progressives
San Rafael Building Bridges
Our Revolution North Bay
Our Revolution Marin
Our Revolution West Marin
North Bay for Bernie
North Bay Friends of Public Education
Vintage Vanguard
Single Payer PAC
Green Party of Sonoma County
Green Party of Marin County

Community Members
Lynn Woolsey
   Former Member of U.S. House of Representatives*
Frances Moore Lappé 
   Bestselling author and activist
Norman Solomon
    Co-Founder of RootsAction & Former Candidate for U.S. House of Representatives*
Gayle McLaughlin
     Former Mayor of Richmond & recent candidate for CA Lt. Governor*
Peter Lacques
     Mayor of Fairfax*
Theresa Barrett
     Petaluma City Council member & mayoral candidate*
Matt Maguire
     Former Petaluma City Council member*
Greg Brockbank
     Former San Rafael City Council member*
Dennis Pocekay
     Petaluma City Council candidate*
Marty Bennett
     Instructor Emeritus of History Santa Rosa JC*
Gregory S. Reisinger
     Chair of Petaluma Tomorrow*
Ellen Karel
     Chair & Co-Director of Healthcare for All - Marin*
Sandy Neumann
     Co-Director of Healthcare for All - Marin*
Linda Remy, PhD
     Former director of Marin Healthcare District*
William Rothman, M.D.
     Former director of Marin Healthcare District*
Esther (Essie) Blau, R.N.
     Former director of Marin Healthcare District*
Dr. Bill Honigman
     CA State Coordinator, Progressive Democrats of America - CA*
Jes Richardson
     Peace Activist, Gandhi Mobile*
Barb Ryan, R.N.
Ann Troy, M.D.
Laurence Lewin, M.D.
Bill Teufel, M.D.
Albert Goldberg, M.D.
Dick Flinders, M.D.
Ann Vercoutere, M.D.
Larry Rose, M.D.
Gail Altschuler, M.D.
Andrea Taylor
Ruth Carter
Patrick Fahey
Stephan C. Volker
Dale Axelrod
Susan Lamont
Jill Ryan
Meg Brizzolara
Jessica Hollinger
Steve Bingham
Nadya Clark
Wade Holland
Bernie Album
Jonathan Frieman
Lynne Wasley
Stephen Keese
Sherry Reson
Cynthia Kinavey
Ben Boyce
Roger Stoll
Marian Killian
Laureen Macpherson
Brian Stompe
Curt Ries
Kyle Amsler
Colleen Rose
Dale Sorensen
Joan Wlodaver
JoAnn Hastings
Isabella Mccudden
Carol Costa
Eric Valls
David Glick
Kevin Comaskey
Russ Greenfield
Pat Kunstenaar
Stan Gold
David Rust
Diana King
Pat Soberanis
Kaidrea Stockman
Anna Rogers
Angelo Douvos
Connie Siegenthaler
Lorrie Norby
Don Carney
Eric Schilling
Margaret Koren
Joanie Levinsohn
Hedda Gold
Katy Vanoni
Marilyn Price
Carrisa Brands
Cornelia Durrant
Matthew Synder
Dexter Lohnes
Margaret Goff
Catherine Howard
Peggy Kass
Louise Yost
Marian Warren
Jeannine Ratti
Bonnie Monte
Emma Monte
Hillary Monte
Joe Monte
*for identification purposes only
If you would rather Mail in your donation please send to:
Dan Monte for Assembly 2018 
PO BOX 689, San Anselmo, CA 94979

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mda gun sense candidate logo
mda gun sense candidate logo
Welcome to Dan Monte's California Assembly District 10 website.
Please contact us with concerns and questions about CA District 10.
Vote Dan Monte for Member of the California State Assembly District 10 (Marin/Sonoma) in the
CA Statewide General Election on November 6th.
Check if you are registered to vote: https://voterstatus.sos.ca.gov/
Learn more about the California State Assembly http://assembly.ca.gov/