The beauty and genius of our democratic process is that when elected officials stop doing the work of the people, we can turn them out. 

Californians have many unmet needs, but to quote Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., “Of all forms of inequality, injustice in healthcare is the most shocking and inhumane.” Studies have shown that California wastes nearly 38 billion dollars annually on administrative healthcare costs. And because there are still 3,000,000 uninsured and another 12,000,000 underinsured, our Senate acted. But our Assembly has refused to do so. I am running for Assembly to complete this much-needed reform. 

As a community organizer and consensus builder with 50 years’ experience, I was able to help our Marin community create a Rapid Response Network. I also organized an expert panel regarding the destructive effects of pumping fresh water from the SF Bay Estuary. I am an active participant in Marin County’s pesticide reduction coalition, the Gallinas Watershed Council, San Rafael Building Bridges, and the Environmental Forum of Marin.

Marin and Sonoma deserve an Assembly Member who will fight for: Guaranteed Healthcare for all Californians; Full & Fair Funding of public schools, including tuition-free college; protection of California’s 1,100-mile coastline from oil drilling and sea level rise. I will defend the civil rights of all Californians.

I am running a people-powered campaign and pledge not to accept any corporate donations. My goal is to work with you to make real and substantive change for all Californians. 

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